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EESL AC Buy Online Order Booking | PM Modi AC Scheme 2019

Pradhanmantri Modi is going to launch cheap air conditioner government scheme. This PM Modi AC Yojana 2019 will benefit many people in India. Company EESL will provide ACs in cheaper rates (EESL AC Scheme) as compared to the market rates. People can have EESL AC buy online and can order ACs online after booking.

As we know that the summer is on the peak and the environment which is too hot right now is almost unbearable for the people. And hence the BJP Modi government has planed to launch cheap affordable ACs online for the people with low power consumption. Pradhanmantri AC scheme 2019 will be a new boost for the middle class families.

As we all know pradhanmantri Modi launches many government welfare schemes for the people. This PM Modi government AC scheme is going to be one of them. These energy efficient cheap ACs will going to be built by government company EESL.

pm modi ac yojana

PM Modi AC Scheme 2019

Prime minister of India is going to launch government air conditioner scheme, which will provide ACs in cheaper rates as compared to the other companies ACs available in the market. People in India suffer a lot of heat in summers and ACs available in the market are costly and much power consuming. So many people do not buy ACs. Modi government is planning to launch cheaper and energy efficient ACs in the market.

Government company EESL will make these ACs, this is the same company which earlier has provided free energy efficient LED bulbs and tube lights. Consumers will be able to buy the superior Super-Efficient Air Conditioners distributed by EESL at prices that are comparable to the most energy-efficient ACs in the market. People can buy EESL AC online by booking it and then placing their order online. This not the PM Modi Free AC Yojana, you have pay for the AC.

According to the government survey, Air conditioners are anticipated to consume 45 percent of Indian households’ power demand by 2050, which will increase expenditure for consumers and contribute to global warming. With the goal of integrating energy efficiency into India’s cooling sector, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) has initiated a first of its kind, Super-Efficient AC programme.

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Pradhan mantri Modi AC Scheme Eligibility 

People who are eligible to have government AC are those who are having electricity connections on their own name. Then only you can buy the air condition at a reasonable rate. Person those are not having the electricity connection to their own name cannot get the advantage of this government cheap AC scheme ( sarkari saste AC yojana.

The EESL AC price will be lesser about 20% then other market available ACs. These ACs will be going to launch in month of July.

EESL AC’s specifications

  • People will be able to buy these Super-Efficient Air Conditioners at lower prices that are comparable to the most energy-efficient ACs in the market.
  • These Super-Efficient ACs will provide 1.5-TR cooling capacity at high ambient temperature; in contrast, ACs currently available in the market degrade their cooling capacity as room temperature increases.
  • The superior ACs consume about 750 kWh/annum; whereas other conventional AC consumes up to 1160 kWh/annum.
  • This will save up to 40% in cooling energy costs.
  • Additionally, the new ACs will use 100% copper coil and additional anti-rust coating, enhancing product longevity.

EESL AC online Buy | Order | Booking

The EESL ACs will be sold through, a dedicated easy-to-use website where customers can make orders and payments. EESL AC Buy Online/booking facilities will be available after the launch.

The ACs will be deliver at the customer’s doorstep and installation by professionals within 72 hours.

To order the ACs, consumers will need to online registration/apply on the website, and input their PIN code, details and documents (name, complete address, mobile number, email, CA number and latest electricity bill).

You can have EMI Option to buy this AC.

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